The Front Row Factor | Jon Vroman

This book which has been subtitled: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making left me feeling a little bit like I could take on the world, but in a sensible, and as you will hear Jon Vroman say, “Team Human” kind of way.  This book in my mind was way undersold like I said, I literally felt like I was going to be able to take on the world.  Why? Great question, I think throughout the book that there is a truly powerful tone of positivity – he shares his stories of what he has done with the Front Row Foundation and the impact it has had on specific recipients which in some cases is just shy of or is miraculous.  It’s not just the stories that he shares which make you feel uplifted and motivated to do more, it is that someone has actually been able to take an idea that is so sincere and genuine and nurtured it to fruition.   He does this and in the book, he talks about being your biggest fan, guess what he means it.  Not only is Jon & his team doing so much to help those in dire straights and or need he is having an impact on the world and I believe that is what ebbs from the pages of this book, his genuine passion, and purpose to be a leader of good for good for Team Human.  Thanks, Jon!

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