The Dadly Book of Open | Jason MacKenzie

Here is a book that if writes to men from the perspective of a man who has gone through the ringer, had visibly kept his sh*t together and then one day realizes that he had essentiallyenslaved himself to being the man he thought the world had wanted him to be.  Not the man that he was intended to be.

Once you get past the well written introduction, or if you read introductions and once you get past it, the book opens up with the type of blow that leaves you gasping for air a bit.  If you ever watched The Neverending Story its like when Sebastian shuts the book in disbelief regarding the Nothing.  The first few pages set the tone, the mindset, and I can say that were any of us in his shoes we would probably have done what he did during the four years of his life – drinking to hide from grief, reality, emotions and more.  If that was the end of this story it would have been titled “Leaving Las Vegas”, however, Jason is pulled out of this quagmire in what I would call an awakening, which is brought on by his daughter and wife.  He had the ability to recognize in a flash that all he had thought himself to be and had brought himself to be were nearly meaningless, almost mindless.  While I am certain that he made many of the choices intentionally to arrive there it had been through more of an external “this is how I think life is supposed to look” lense.  Jason then proceeds to open up in fashion that the subtitle belies:

How Cultivating Vulnerability Makes You a Stronger, Wiser and More Courageous Father

He walks us through how he did indeed cultivate Vulnerability to become a stronger, wiser and more courageous father, and what was left out of the subtitle was “man”.  To me this is a must read for nearly any man, father or not.  I can say that within the two or three days it has been since I have finished reading it I have taken action on the words presented and while I wouldn’t state that all of my walls have come crumbling down I am at least now willing to peer over them.


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