Free Book: What would the Rockefellers Do Written Review

Hello and welcome to my written review of What Would the Rockefellers Do? Written by Michael Isom & Garret Gunderson.  A little context on this book.

I had been listening to The Action Catalyst with Rory Vaden and he had on one of the authors Michael G. Isom.  While they were talking, Michael just kept talking about making your own bank and at some point offered this book for free for the listeners of the podcast.  It was intriguing enough that I went onto the site and paid the shipping and handling for the book.  Immediately after I had paid for the book I was hit from a member of the authors company to call in for more information to assist me with my finances..  Look, I get it, it was a free book and not only did I pay for shipping and handling, I also paid with my email address.  At some point you would think I would set up a spam email.. or perhaps I am already at the point where I ditch my current email and let it collect the spam, at any rate, I thought to myself, the least they could do is wait until I have received my book and had a moment to look it over.  These days, as I keep hearing on podcasts the books are just like a business card at this point, or a business card on steroids.  That was exactly what this book was.  Is there good content?  However, I would have to say that 80% of this book made me feel like I was being sold a bill of goods. You get what you pay for.

What I did learn, however, is that yes, you can, in fact, if you set up a whole life insurance policy in any number of ways, create a self-perpetuating banking system for yourself and your family.  It seems to be a very creative way of financing, and perhaps not so much creative as much as a forgotten way to utilize the whole life insurance.  How should this whole life insurance be utilized and why would one pay the larger dollar amounts for whole life insurance vs the lower cost of term life insurance?

The recommendation is to buy the whole life insurance either when younger or take it out on younger people, I don’t think that there is anyone you can’t take insurance out on.  If I recall correctly, Walmart has done it with their employees.  Once you begin to pay into your Whole Life Insurance and continue to pay it, your rates never change and it lasts for as long as there is money in it.  The money can’t be seized as a general asset, and is not taxed when you use it.  The money you put into WLI generally has an interest rate that is fixed, typically hovering around 4%.  The money is not impacted by the fluctuating markets.  You could use the take a loan out against the money you already have in the WLI and use it for things like:

Your childrens education

A new Car

Pay off your credit cards

Pay off your home

The great thing is that the money in your WLI stays there and you can set up the payment terms on your own with as little or as much interest as you like.  Essentially you are lending money to yourself, and you have now become your own bank.  The money continues to grow and the benefits are useable during your own lifetime.

Term life insurance requires you to die.  That sucks.. Term life insurance doesn’t keep growing.. you use it(die) or it dries up and you are required to be assessed again to see if you are insurable.. at a reasonable rate.. which of course the older you become, the more expensive the rates are.. there are convertible term insurances etc and a number of other tricky scenarios, however, this book focused mostly on the benefits of WLI.

Another name for it is Cash Flow Insurance.  According to this book anyways!  There is more information in this book that could potentially get you jazzed up about WLI, I know I am, even though to me the book felt more like an Atomic business card.  It did it’s job.  It made me understand that insurance is not evil.  It can be used for good, and the good uses really should be sought out by more people.

As the book stated, most people shudder to think about insurance, or may also not even think about it until someone asks, “Are you insured?”.

This book can still be had for free here:

If your curiosity has been piqued, it is worth reading to understand how WLI insurance may benefit you at any time in your life. Do note that you will be contacted IMMEDIATELY and that the shipping and handling cost is $6.99.

On a scale of dusty rocks to golden nuggets, I would rate this one a golden nugget.  It can’t hurt to know how you can improve your quality of living by investing in yourself!

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