How did we get here | Genuine Origins | Genesis

When I sit down to read these books with a review in mind and of course a goal of what I am going to learn from these books, there are some expectations sometimes large ones that each book is going to change my life radically…

To be honest, if you were to go back even seven or eight months I may have even made fun of the fact that anyone was reading these books.. I would point my fingers to the two initial catalysts of change:

  1. Tamalau Powerful Habits Blog – in this post he discusses habit stacking, one of the habits was reading 20 pages a day.  I had always enjoyed reading in my life and felt that it was something that had been missing.
  2. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar – This book stirred me and is still a driving force of my wanting to be in sales and radically adjusted my perceptions of the overall sales process, or maybe what and where the heart should be during the process.  This lit a fire in me and also began a driving force to be better at whatever it was that I was doing no matter what it was..

I came to realize that up until now I had not taken a mental check in or fully participated in my choices / path, I had not thought of my potential (at least not for quite some time, and when I had done that in the past it had been more of a joking manner along the lines of, “Just tell them I have potential!”).

I had made it this far and have a wonderful job with all of the dream aspects: a supportive team that truly cares, helps me to develop and we are all able to enjoy the successes, and at time commiserate at sometimes stalled successes.. flexible schedule.

I have been blessed with a loving wife, two healthy young boys all nestled inside a community that provides friendships and comradery alike, for both parents and children.  Then I stop and think a little bit, along the lines of the Talking Heads: “how did I get here?!?”  If my life is like this and it was mostly by chance (sure there were some actual decisions made, yes there was hard work, dedication etc..), however, MOSTLY by chance..

Here is a guy that at some points of his life could have been considered homeless (one such point was when Meg & I met.. but I wasn’t homeless then!).  in his youth, moving from town to town, state to state, school to school with his sister and hippy mother who seemed to be chasing her dreams as well as providing for her family as best as possible.  In retrospect I had never even noticed that I had been homeless, I had always simply enjoyed the new sights, sounds and people as they came and was of course often sad when they were gone due to moving about.

This built up some internal resiliency as well, not to mention affording the opportunity to become adaptable to the many shifting situations. Growing up, I had also often been told that I should work hard enough to get through school, that was, at least try to get C’s, this wasn’t to say I was never encouraged to do better, however, there were no extreme external pressures to excel.  I believe that my mother simply recalled how dull her own schooling was and didn’t want to subject me to attempting to excel at something my heart wasn’t invested in.  There was also no lack of encouragement by teachers for me to attempt to apply myself to my coursework, of course, I was a bit thick  headed and didn’t really understand exactly what they were saying.

Somewhere in here, I should also state that the lack of reference to my father is due the fact that he was not only high, he was also highly abusive towards my mother.  One of my earliest recollections is of her bashing him over the head with a guitar in self-defense.  Followed quickly by the memory of laying in the bed of an old pickup truck with my sister, covered up in sleeping bags and watching the stars as we drove out of California as my mother had the good sense to put my father in jail, divorce him and put some distance in between us as we drove off to stay with a fella named Unicorn in Tuscon Arizona.

Fast forward a bit to nowish with two young boys, my wife and our dog. Not having a father myself,   I feel that it is my responsibility to not only provide housing, food warmth and loving; I feel that it is my duty to inspire my children to be the best that they can be so that they can tap into their, as of yet, unrealized potential for all of the driving force that they will need  and I continue to lead by example each day  (MOST DAYS!) doing my best, being the best that I can be, working on improving myself so that we as a family are all able to live a life of gratitude and abundances.. and that is also how we end up here with this blog, a story of a boy who grows into a man, doing the best he can and sharing parts of that journey with others.

Others who maybe feel like they have a similar background and looking to break out or through or simply be connected to someone/ a community that is going through a similar journey.

This will be a little bit like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump where he is “just running”, a little bit like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz as we head down the Yellow Brick Road, or.. like Frank the Tank as he goes streaking in Old School… looking forward to having you here on the journey!

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