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Hey there and welcome to my review of Jon Gordons, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy!

.  Let me give you a little background on where my head was at before picking this book up to read…

It is just after thanksgiving and I am feeling a little sluggish, the evening sky is darkening and I am personally in need of an “Energy Boost” as recently I had been watching more television that I would like rather than spending that time in otherwise enriching or engaging behaviors.. while fine from time to time, it was draining me mentally somehow, like atrophy of the brain and soul….

Enter The Energy Bus.. I can start off with, they could have titled this “Pow Bam Boom”!  This book packs a punch!  A well-guided missile to the noggin that ends up connecting the noggin to the heart.  This book was the booster shot that I had been seeking..

The central character Georg is a middle-aged man who is a middle manager whose life seems to be on the brink of destruction, and all of it has been brought on by himself and his constant negative attitude/outlook.. while this is mounting it turns out his car has a flat tire and he is going to have to take the bus.  Bus number eleven which is driven by the Joy, a woman with a vibrant soul.  Upon exiting the bus while feeling eternally sour about needing the bus, to begin with, Joy gives George some parting advice to either “choose wisely or be a part of the soap opera”.

George is dismissive of these words, but they haunt him  As it turns out George not only has a flat tire it is also in need of a recall repair and he is awfully lucky to be alive at all, as the recall which he had also dismissed when he had received it, was life threatening.  Once again sour George is going to need to be on the bus with Joy the crazy, good hearted lady who has the audacity to be giving George advice.  In a continued downward trend, George also has a heart to heart with his boss and is told that his next project is do or die.

The next time the bus rolls up, it is not driven by Joy.  George finds that he misses her presence.  It turns out that this is the day she visits her dad who is in the hospital with Alzheimers.  Georg marvels at her ability to continue to be so positive and uplifting even while this is happening in her life.  She simply tells him that everyone has something going on and that it is all a matter of how you respond to it.

While bus number eleven is driven by Joy, the bus has a full cast of support characters who are all as passionate as Joy is about positivity and hope.  The bus has 10 rules posted in the front in faded hard to read handwriting.  Joy essentially tells Georg she and the bus can help him get on the right track if he is willing to learn these 10 rules of the energy bus. .. and lo and behold he is willing (the book may have taken a turn for the worse or never had been written otherwise!).  I am going to spare you all of the super energizing details and each step that George takes while gaining momentum, each step of the way, and will provide you with a breakdown of the rules of the bus with a little quip or so regarding the impact as well as this freaking awesome quote by Abraham Lincoln (one of Georges influences):

“I am not bound to win, I am bound to be true.  I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light that I have.”

Rule #1

You are the driver.

Quite simply you are in charge of making your own decisions and what direction you take your bus, who gets on, who gets off, who stays etc.

Rule #2

Desire, vision, and focus move your bus in the right direction.

It is all about focus, law of attraction, no complaining.  Thoughts are magnetic!

Rule #3

Fuel your ride with positive energy.

E+P=O | Events + Perception = Outcome

We can’t control the events in our lives, but we can control how we perceive them and our perceptions and response determine the outcome.

Positive energy = high-powered octane while negativity = sludge.

Rule #4

Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead.

You’re the driver, but you need to keep asking people to get on.  If you don’t then no one will get on.  The worst thing that could happen is that they will say no.

Rule #5

Don’t waste energy on those who don’t get on your bus.

Some people want to get on.  Others don’t.  Don’t waste energy on those who don’t, you can’t make them get on.  You can only drive your own bus.

The more energy spent on those who don’t is taken from those who are already on the bus and you won’t have energy to ask new people to get on the bus.

Rule #6

Post a sign that says “No energy vampires allowed on your bus!”

You must surround yourself with a positive support team.

Negative people are called Energy Vampires, they will suck the life out of you and your goals and vision if you let them.

Rule #7

Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.

When you get excited and enthusiastic about your life and work, you bring this powerful divine energy to everything you do, and people notice.

Rule #8

Love your passengers

Tap the power of your heart and lead with positive, contagious energy.

Become a love magnet.

You become a love magnet by sharing the love generously

Five ways to love your passengers:

  1. Make time for them
  2. Listen to them
  3. Recognize them
  4. Serve them
  5. Bring out the best in them

Rule #9

Drive with purpose.

Purpose is the ultimate fuel for our journey through life.  When we drive with purpose we don’t get tired or bored and our engines don’t burn out.

Rule #10

Have fun and enjoy the ride.

We only get one ride so we may as well enjoy it to the max.

Bring it!  That’s what this book did.  It was like an ionic propulsion drive, push, push, push, the momentum grew until at the end of the book you will find that you are nearly at a springt.. and when you cross the finish line of this one you will do so with boundless amounts of energy.   The only reason you will find yourself feeling out of breath is because the rush you will feel when done reading this.


On a scale of no thanks, I have all of the energy I will ever need to I would love to have more energy and have bright pops of life all around me, I would have to rate this one the latter, I like bright pops of life!

I hope that this review has helped you in one way or another; either to go read for yourself of perhaps you decided that it wasn’t for you.  Have you read this book?  What are your thoughts?  Do you have any questions about the book for me?  Ask away!

Until next time!






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