Gettin’ in Gettin’ out | Gary Michels | Review

Here we are with a review of Gettin’ in Gettin’ out – Gary Michels – Gary is another author our of the Southwestern Consulting group and has a keen insight into the world of sales.

I enjoy how Gary prefaces the book with a bit of his own history which may entice the reader to continue on.  I also enjoy that he has some tips for how to use the book (take notes in the book, and then consolidate and type up notes and finally laminate those notes for future review).  In addition, he recommends that the reader employ one or two of the techniques that he is recommending per week to allow the reader to build a solid foundation and integrate the sales techniques into a full routine.

Gary has some great tips on how to set yourself up for success with beginning with a Positive Mental Attitude.  Which relates to one of the visuals and items that I enjoyed most within this book was the “Ideal Wheel”.  The ideal wheel is a 7 spoke wheel and has the following items as spokes:

Spiritual, Career, Social, Financial, Family, Physical and Mental.

These spokes have numbers along them 1-10 and there is an associated questionnaire in which you sum up your final numbers accordingly and chart them out.  The gist, of course, is that you would like to maximize the outer ring of the wheel @ 10 as well as keep the outer wheel as smooth as possible therefore keeping as smooth of a ride through life as possible.

Gary helps the reader develop a number of key habits throughout the book such as planning and goal setting.

You will find more information as it relates to Navigating through the different styles of people that you may come across (Fighter, Counselor, Detective, Entertainer) .  More information can be found as it relates to that in my review of the Dustin Hillis book “Navigate”.

Finally, while Gary has loaded this book with plenty of tips as it relates to prospecting and closing, I found his chapter titled “Prospecting Via Mail” to be a rather  insightful one.  Let it be said that anyone who can loop into one chapter a CZ ring, a model airplane and seashells has me paying attention!

From the perspective of being in sales and continuously gaining knowledge, I found that this book was able to add in a nice arsenal of new ideas as well as reinforce some established habits, or represented some nice nuances that could be varied in current habits. I would rate this book on a must read to a what would I be missing if I didn’t read it kind of scale.  That being said, for many this may not be a must read, however, if you missed out on reading it, I believe that you would miss the opportunity to refine your current sales strategies and habits, thus giving you an edge over your competition.

I hope that you have enjoyed the review and if you decide to read this book, then please let me know!  If you have read this book already, please share some of your own take aways!



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