Disrupted | Dan Lyons | Review

And here it comes – think of someone sitting outside of your window and instead of throwing pebbles to get your attention, someone just threw a brick in and there is a note written on it and the note says “Wake Up”.. Reading this book was a little bit like Neo deciding to take the Red Pill (had to google that).. For the past few months I have been reading self improvement books, listening to self improvement, motivational podcasts and I was (pretty sure I still am, mostly) all in.  Then I read this book.

This book takes the perspective of a mild mildly cynical man who has just recently been let go of his job and is 50 years old.  He is living in our present moment, and he is coming from the world primarily of print.  He is hoping to come across a great job in the start up community and potentially hit it big.

Guess what, he finds a job in a start up, and finds that it’s not really all that it’s cracked up to be.  There is a ton of non-direction given and the overall startup is for lack of better terminology, a shit show.  Where culture rules.. but the culture never really changes, the terminology changes.. more blood from stones and continued archaic practices.. along with some buffoonish type of behavior from leadership, such as talking to a teddy bear as though it was the customer in the room.  Our hero basically just goes through hell as he is coming from an “old school” corporation and doesn’t really know how to handle this area he has found himself in, not to mention he also at some point ends up with some psychotic boss, however, he has a family whose future he needs to think upon and continues to endure a continuous myriad of insanity, all in the hopes that his shares are vested and he makes it out not only alive, but hopefully ahead!

This book allows a perspective from an insiders vantage point, however, the insider chooses to have a backbone and provides his own responses and not a lot of canned positivity at every idea that is thrown at him.  Since he basically had ended up inside of a cult, he was ostracized and suffered through some tremendous mental turmoil.  On a scale of Red Pill / Blue Pill – I rate it Red Pill.  I found it to be very eye opening and respected the content.  It gave me some slight pause and made me consider my current trajectory, as well as what is fueling that trajectory.

If you have read this book what were your thoughts?  Did you have any questions about the book?  I may be able to answer them for you!  Please feel free to leave feedback!

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