Navigate | Dustin Hillis |Book Review

Aha!  You thought that I may never get around to reviewing Navigate – Dustin Hillis !  You were mistaken.. or maybe you thought that I would and you have been waiting.. and waiting.. sometimes you would jerk up in the middle of your slumber and check the site to see if the review had been completed, only to find that it hadn’t been.  And then you would go back to sleep, restlessly and mutter some unkind words.. or perhaps kind words.. something like a prayer, that said, “I hope he writes this review soon”..  At any rate, here we go – first things first, I want to thank you for making it back to the site and reading these reviews, listening to the audio and watching the videos that are posted from time to time, I do appreciate it, and I do hope that they are helping you as it is certainly a joy for me to share with you!  As they say, “On with the show!”

Dustin is part of the Southwestern Consulting Family – he is working alongside of Rory Vaden as well as Gary Michels (forthcoming book review), and one of their staples is this product named “Navigate” – this books is primarily based off of this tool and how it can help you not only within the realm of sales, but alongside many other relationships that you will encounter.  Dustin shares his views with applied psychology on how these methods will best serve you.

Most of us are familiar with the golden rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you, however, what if others where able to do unto you as you would to you?  We should face it, we have all been in a situation where someone was trying to sell to us and we noticed a couple of things… first of all, we were being sold too.  Second, we were somehow agitated by the process.. or perhaps we were not, and did not even notice that we had just been sold too, and we had really enjoyed buying!

Navigate will walk you through that process, and will allow you to understand why you may have felt that way, and if you were so inclined, you could make the greater part of your sales interactions be a more enjoyable, fruitful process for all parties involved..   I like fruit.

There are tools in the book that will allow you to test out both your natural buying and natural selling styles, it breaks down into the following categories:

  1. Fighter
    1. Results -oriented, resilient, determined to overcome odds
  2. Detective
    1. Detail-oriented, perfectionist, motivated by accuracy
  3. Entertainer
    1. Extroverted, enthusiastic, inspired by affirmation
  4. Counselor
    1. Team player, active listener, desires consistency

These are of course all very high level overviews, however, once you take your test and are able to identify your style, Dustin will be able to assist you in how to determine what you need to do in order to recognize and adapt your styles to better your situations.

This is the core content of this book, there are many other helpful nuggets, such as identifying body language and what it means to your current scenario, whether or not to persist or desist, at least at that moment in time!

For me, I happen to be partaking as a client of Southwestern Consulting and I find that the books help to reinforce / clarify the messaging that they are delivering, and I am enjoying the content!

Other than that, this is a fairly good read if you are looking for ways to become a more effective communicator and are also interested in how to improve your current arsenal of sales weapons.  I rate this book on a pop gun to a tank, and it falls somewhere between a grenade launcher and a half-track.

I hope that this review inspired you to at least research the topic a little more, and perhaps even pick the book up yourself!    Or perhaps if you have read it yourself you would be inclined to let the rest of us know your thoughts!

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