Procrastinate on Purpose – Rory Vaden

Welcome back if you are returning, and welcome if this is your first time!  Please see below for review of Take the Stairs – Rory Vaden.

Most people who are familiar with Rory Vaden will know him through his first book “Take the Stairs” .  Most people would have read “Take the Stairs” first.  I had even heard about that “Take the Stairs” first and had been told it was an “amazing” book.  However, it simply didn’t turn out that way for me!  Here is what happened:

I am currently focusing a great deal on time management, and I figured that this would fit a little more into my current mindset.   That and I had caught him speaking on the Linking into Sales podcast (link here), and he had thrown out a great line from the “Procrastinate on Purpose” book which had really cut through all of my own mental minutiae.  It had in fact vastly increased the wattage of my mental microwave (I have been dying to use that phrase since I first saw it on a business BS generator!).  What is the line?  You will have to wait for it! (Insert moderately evil laughter, evil lite if you will)  Moving on to the review.

Rory has a nice and easy writing style that keeps you on track and is neither too hard or too soft and if this book had been written for Goldilocks, I would say it was just right.

He guides you through some of today’s obvious time management issues and is able to present some non-obvious answers to those issues.  I really enjoy the fact that he is speaking from his own personal experience and is able to relate it to all of us, and the fact that his reference point is in our current time-frame, what he presents to us is hyper relevant.

I also enjoyed that he gives you where I am coming from angle, even though not all directly out of the “Where I am coming from” preface.  For example in chapter 1 “What you thought you knew” – he delivers distilled one liners that make you feel like it is OK to be human, such as the following:

“I thought I was so busy”

“I thought “balance” was the standard”

“I thought being effective” was the highest pursuit”

ME TOO!  I may have even muttered “Get out of my head Rory” as I read along.. but don’t tell anyone.

Another great line straight out of chapter one is “Priority Dilution”, I love it, and it cuts right down to the chase.  He certainly warms you up and wanting for more!  While all of this is great, and while he doesn’t sell you short, and while he continues this book in an easily relatable manner, to which anyone who has or is going to read this is going to take home some useful knowledge which will be actionable…. must not use buzzwords… they really give me mental anguish.. you will be able to take what Rory gives to you and apply it to your daily life in the office or at your home.

Even after all of that and even beyond my favorite phrase/line of the book, he gives you a chapter summary, some “just in case you missed it” key points.  As well as citing unexpected findings.  I simply loved that!   It goes hand in hand with the Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them again scenario.  I found it to be downright thoughtful!

Since you have been so patient and you have made it this far, the single line that made me dive for this book before deciding to pick up “Take the Stairs” is:

“You multiply your time by spending time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow.”

This one line had really fused a number of swirling thoughts and ideas and inspired me to take action on lingering projects.  And it is from that thread of tapestry that “Procrastinate on Purpose – Five permissions to Multiply Your Time” is woven.

How is this book rated, and what is the scale?..

This book is filled with some handy tools, similar to a AAA road trip first aid kit, and it is accompanied by some wonderful stories of others success from which Rory gave us both an insight into his journalistic thought process as well as how and where he gained particular blocks of knowledge.

If you struggle with time management or even if you are seeking ways to improve your already stellar time management abilities I highly recommend you give this book your attention.

I hope that this review helped a few of you on the brink of picking this book up!  I am also very curious to hear from others who have read this book themselves and what they thought of it!  Please share in the comments section!


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