We Begin!

In the beginning..

Greetings all slash any who have found their way to this site. I am taking a little journey and am requesting that you either follow along, assist with directions
or simply check in from time to time in a Where is Waldo kind of way.

Some background of the impetus of this site:

For quite some time now I have been one of the many of us who have not quite actively participated in the guidance of my own life.. I have been one who has more or less taken
life as is without any real feedback or input from myself. Many of you may see this in your own lives as goals and or visions. Neither of which I have had too many of myself..
well not productive ones that is. Finding myself in the midst of a wonderful marriage, with two great children in a bustling neighborhood, I must count my blessings!  I am however now seeing that I am able to have some choices of my own design in my life..  I am determined to right the ship!   I am establishing this site as an area where I can look to be accountable. Accountable for what, you may ask. I of course, will say, I am glad you asked!

  1. 1. My plan is to read on average 20 meaningful books a year. Some may be motivational, some may be self-help, some may be along the instructional lines, ALL will be educational. At least to me.  *Worth noting is that this idea came to fruition by listening to no less than five or six Zig Ziglar CD’s streamed continuously through Google Play..
    2. I will post what book I am currently reading.
    3. I will finish that book and then:
    a. I will provide a written review
    b. I will create a podcast/video of most recent book
    4. I will begin the next book
    5. Wash rinse repeat

By the same token, I will also be curating noteworthy news for the week as it pertains to the SaaS (Software as a Service)& PaaS (Platform as a Service) environments, some of which will touch on the IoT.

So now – Welcome! As Jim Rohn may say “Let’s go do it!”


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